Sophie, also known as Flor. 19+, hungarian girl. music freak, movie maniac, series addict, bookworm. big sucker for villains. i have a very serious CS-Olicity shipping & supernatural & sebastian stan problem.

this blog is about almost everything i love: SPN, OUAT, The Killing, The Newsroom, House M.D., GoT, Sleepy Hollow, Arrow, Hannibal and etc., actors, celebrities, movies, books and bands.

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#a pirate who pines for you

#like can you imagine what their make out in neverland could have been#him backing her against a tree after the kiss#hauling her up in his arms#pinning her against the hard wood#devoring her#kissing the shit out of her and making her moan#kissing her hard and good until they both forget to breath what their names are#him kissing her neck and sucking at her collarbone#and then Emma unfastening his belt#trying not to rip his buttons because they are in fucking Neverland nobody can know and he can’t wander around with a buttonless shirt#so she takes her time and her hands are shaking#and them the chest hair glory is here#offered to her eyes and she kisses him#her legs wrapped around his waist#it’s so fucking hot jesus (via sheriffswan)